The best thing that happened to me in the Covid-19 lockdown!

During the Covid 19 lockdown, I was searching for a full-stack development course. That’s when I came across Newton School and decided to enroll myself here. Here, the curriculum focuses on the industry requirements. They teach us whatever is applicable and significant for working in the field.

We were trained to crack the interviews and get job-ready over here!

In colleges, we don’t get special training to prepare for the company interviews but here, we did! I wasn’t even getting enough opportunities at my college. I believe joining Newton School was one of the best decisions of my life! The relevant teaching and planning that I wished I had, came to me through this course.

I had no confidence in my work before this. I felt hopeless! My GATE score wasn’t even great and I was placed at TCS. At Newton School, everyone believed in me and supported me. They made me believe that I deserve more. With hard work, I could achieve much more. My perspective about myself changed here!!

I loved solving assignments here. I would try to complete them as soon as they were posted on the portal. I enjoyed it so much! I aimed to be at the top of the leaderboard. Though my mentors told us that leaderboard doesn’t matter but it did for me. There was a healthy competition which brought out the good in me. It gave me confidence. I was placed first in five-six contests.

For me, the most crucial aspect that was missing was the direction. No one guided me on what problem to solve, the other data structures that I need to focus on. There are a lot of resources available on the internet but there is no guidance over there. At Newton School, everything was taught from scratch. So anyone could join.

After classes when we had mentor sessions, we would discuss all our doubts with our mentors and peers as well which was extremely beneficial. My mentor was really helpful. I used to be nervous before an interview so the mock interviews helped me overcome that. I would rate my performance before Newton School at 5 and after it, I would rate myself around 8!

Because of Newton School, I am happy that the lockdown happened to me! It was the bright light amidst the pandemic for me! If I hadn’t joined Newton School, I wouldn’t have put in the hard work that I did in lockdown. Ultimately, I had my laptop and I had my entire focus only on the course which brought out the change in me!